Times Like This

by Subliminal Control

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Recorded in Margate with Pames Pollard from Richmond VA


released September 4, 2016



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Subliminal Control Florida

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Track Name: Cut the Strings
I’m so tired of feeling bad for things out of my control. No longer will I feel remorse that isn’t mine to hold. So I’ll cut the strings let you be on your own, and you’ll move imprecisely until you decide to show. We can only look back and laugh at how we used to be. What’s the point of a grudge when we all just want to find our peace?
So when problems arise we can only feel empathy and not let our emotion get the best of us without understanding.
These pains are fading, I’m starting to free.
All I want is what’s best for everything.
Track Name: Is it too Late?
It's times like this I need some help, I thought you all had me figured me out.
Because when I cry for help I don't scream and shout, I keep it to myself and no one else. I'm losing the battle with time itself, I let my youth slip from my hands. A slave to the check of someone else but I cant bite the feeding hand. So much time goes by that I don't feel alive, a cycle I wish I could escape. And when I cry from the pain inside I can only hope for better days. It's kept me lethargic it's broken my will, all the days are the same how else should I feel? And the longer goes the harder it gets and I don't have the courage to break free from it. Is it too late for things to change?
Track Name: Set in Stone
When you look back now, is life everything that you planned out? All your goals? "Am I stuck in line? Was it all just a waste of time?". I just don't know. It pains me to know I won't get it back. The images ahead are reflections of the past. I try to tell myself I could never fill your shoes, but when you're breathing down my neck, what else can I do? But if everything we do is all set in stone, then why is your pain now mine to hold?
Track Name: Twelve Weeks
If I knew what I know now, my perception would have never drown. Bridges burn because of my lack to feel, now only time will tellI how much I'll heal. People tell me "life goes on." but how can I cope when i just want to rot? I Can't escape this feeling of lost. A Compression of emotions, deep inside they're locked. Now it's time for me to break through, and my skin will peel.
Sometimes you need a situation that's not so ideal. Sleepless night when I'm all alone,
how will cope when the true colors show?
Twelve weeks pass right down the road you'll look back and be proud of how much I've grown.